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Why an Art Center?


Why is our home, The Boat Art Center, a necessity in Athens?

1. The concept of improving mental health through art and community

One of the reasons to establish the Art Center is rooted in the profound impact of art on human neurological functions. Art, in its diverse forms, engages advanced processes in our brains, enhancing sensory perception, attention, cognition, emotions, and motor skills. Extensive research demonstrates how art fosters brain development and regeneration, harnessing creativity to stimulate change and offer vital psycho-social support to individuals and communities. Artistic practice, in this context, becomes a creative avenue for expressing emotions and helping individuals, and communities, cope with psychological and emotional stress in a world for non core groups, often characterized by anxiety and tension. Additionally, art transcends borders, acting as a powerful transnational tool for communication. It connects people through the non-verbal language of artistic self-expression, fostering connections that go beyond words. Moreover, art plays a pivotal role in the collective memory of societies, serving as a critical lens for understanding the values, culture, and lifestyles of past, present and future generations.

2. The concept of uniting communities through art for a positive political and social change

Art as a point of connection can support the process of uniting diverse communities and people with different socioeconomic backgrounds and can be a great source for a positive political and social change. It can enable people from various cultures and backgrounds to be able to express and increase tolerance for other people's views and opinions and to change for example dehumanizing narratives of public opinion on migration, non core groups and marginalized communities.

3. a response to challenges of the collective

Besides what is mentioned above the activities and projects of our collective are expanding and there is a need for a physical space to support and allow this process. The decision for our home base in Athens relates to the majority of active members residing in Athens and our need for a physical and permanent space for sustainable creation. This allows our members to expand talents and skills, our teachers to have a space to teach and creates more opportunities for different people. Furthermore, we are able to host events and make the art collective accessible within Athens, give a bigger voice and unite marginalized persons to be better heard and take lead.

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