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What we do


filmed performances

Filmed performances

We are using different forms of art to bring awareness amongst people and amplify messages for freedom and justice through the collaboration of theater, filming and editing.

The two aims of our filming performances are: 

1) The artistic collaboration and the combination of different art forms; 

2) Raising awareness on global issues, human rights, and injustice.


Watch our latest film performances called “The Rope Weaver“ and “Don’t be afraid”.


“When I would return from practices despite all my tiredness, I was happy. I was satisfied with myself and however much time passes, until now, theater taught me more about myself. Since I have become familiar with theater I have gotten to know myself, Fatemeh, better. Theater taught me more about myself… I understood what are my weaknesses and what are my strengths and it had a direct impact in creating the self-confidence I have in myself now that continues to grow everyday” 

Fatemeh (actress)

Art education

Art education

When people find themselves in new situations, like many people do here in Athens, many struggle with problems that are unknown beforehand, therefore it is not easy to overcome and solve those new and often challenging situations. We believe that through artistic involvement and expression and with creative thinking, new opportunities can be formed and created for individuals as well as groups. Especially for people who haven’t yet been able to explore art or for artists who want to try a new creative field or simply for anyone who’d like to strengthen their self-confidence or their speaking skills in front of people, theater can be a great opportunity to find encouragement in art and to find ourselves. Our theater workshops and classes are led by Iman Alidoosti, who has tremendous knowledge in theater and directing art. Classes and workshops include diverse training sessions such as voice and body training and are held for individuals and for groups as well as for a diverse age range. The aim and benefits of the theater workshops and classes are for students to feel confident speaking and standing in front of a group of people or even larger audiences, to enable and encourage creative problem solving, to find acceptance in oneself as well as others, to develop self-confidence, concentration, creativeness, flexibility and adaptability and much more.


“As I have experienced I would say theater can help refugees adapt very good in a new environment it gives them the motivation to go for their careers no matter how hard it is to live there most importantly it improves their mental health which most refugees are in need of today. Doing theater is one of the best ways to live more skillfully and every day learn about ourselves.”


Zaki (theater actor)

Building a network of artists

building a network of artists

We are forming, strengthening and continuously expanding our official internal network of artists across Europe to connect, to support each other in creative work and to develop a system where artists can reach out to each other to work and collaborate together. We believe that working together, supporting each other and sharing each other's successes brings benefits to everyone involved. Below are some of the artists that are part of this network.
Find our members an networks art and project here.

Image by Brett Zeck
Activism & adcocacy

Activism & Advocacy

Through our actions and presence as a collective we not only create, but, as a necessity based on our lived experiences, we are advocating and acting for a social, political, environmental and economic change to impact society and the world leading to changes we believe are more positive and necessary. Themes and focus for advocacy and activism are dominated by research concerning topics artists from the collective are performing on and issues researched and experienced by members of the collective. At the moment this can include collecting and sharing information about: Refugee rights in Europe, human rights violations, human rights violations in Iran, human rights situation in Afghanistan, the situation of refugees in Greece, at borders, the access to asylum, women’s and LGBTQIA+ rights. Outside the collective, we join meetings with other stakeholders, including NGOs, art groups and spaces, in Athens and Europe, such as attending events on advocacy in EU and European level, attending advocacy training and building capacity (Eg. ECRE and UNHCR training). Furthermore we engage in very important and critical discussions with donors supporting projects and organizations in the humanitarian sector on ethical and sustainable funding and bring our lived experiences as critical feedback on the table to enable a much needed change and point of view on humanitarian aid, coming from people that this aid is directed too.


“[Through Art] you can find first yourself and to do and to give back even more value to yourself and who you are” 



Hadi (theater actor, model)

Running the art center

Art & Community
Center Athens

The Boat Art Center, is an open and accessible community-led project providing a safe and artistic space for creative expression and learning and community building in our neighborhood in Athens. We organize open evenings with screenings, food, discussion rounds and hang out time as well as organized and regular classes and workshops such as theater, dance, music production, video and filmmaking, paint and wine, sculpturing and more to give our communities and neighborhoods a space for engagement, participation and community building and at the same time encourage skill development and learning and give everyone the chance to access art.

Read more about the Art Center here.

Participating in festivals

Participating in festivals

With our performances (filmed and live) we are invited and apply for various festivals across Europe. While at the festival we do workshops, classes, screenings and engage in discussions, round tables about topics such as displacement, migration, art, community engagement and building and community-led initiatives.

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