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How to get involved


Join us

Join us

As part of the collective

The boat collective is open for anyone and for all kinds of arts. If you have an artistic passion, if you want to engage in socio-political discussions and topics, if you are an activist and want to advocate for change or you are simply interested in joining for any other reason, contact us!
We are happy to hear from you!

As a volunteer in the art center

We are always in need of support with your presence at our rented space in Athens and for the tasks that we do to keep the space running. We don't have specific requirements and you do not need to bring specific qualities. Everyone is welcome! You should though: ​ - be interested in working in a collective organized group with non-hierarchical structures. - maybe be interested in art? Theater, dance, music, painting, design, fashion, performative arts, sculpturing or any other art. - be able to work independently and in our group. - be in Athens. ​ Specific roles and tasks we need help with at the moment: - fundraising, grant applications. - general organization of our activities. - speaking all kinds of languages (for example French, Arabic, Kurdish etc.) If you are interested, please contact us and we will arrange to meet you in our center in Athens. If you live abroad and want to come to Athens to volunteer with us, please contact us and we will schedule an online meeting.

Spport us
How to donate

Support us

How to donate

In order to provide our activities in the art center and keep the space running, we rely on your donations and support!

The Boat Collective is a young and upcoming project, in order to focus on and continue our activities and support our community we rely on donations and support from different sources.

Donations and support go directly into the project, activities and the community involved. We are committed to holding up to fair and sustainable working conditions for everyone who participates and engages in our projects. Furthermore the Boat Collective is very transparent with donations and the spending of it and eager to build trustworthy and long-term relationships with supporting individuals, organizations and donors.


Your support means a lot to us, thank you for making our next steps possible!

Until we are a registered social cooperative enterprise and can open a bank account on the name of the boat collective, we have a dedicated account under the name of Iman, the founder of the boat.
You can donate in two different ways:

Donate manually with a bank transfer to our Wise account:


Here are my EUR account details.


Account holder: Iman Alidoosti Shahraki


IBAN: BE33 9674 7045 8046

Wise's address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52





Donate through our fundraising page on Whydonate:



Call for needs

Call for needs

At the moment we are in need of very specific things, if you can, please consider to donate for one of the items or things that have to be done.
For non-monetary donations, check our needs list below.

What we fundraise for: 

Artist Painting on Canvas

Art supplies for painting classes


For oneommunity Event

Image by iMattSmart

Safety for the center


Image by Darren Richardson


Cleaning Products

Every day articles 

Image by Rachael Gorjestani

Big table

Image by DDP

Theatre & dance stage floor


Image by Sonder Quest

Room divider curtain

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Pay for electricity and lights installation

junge Ballerina

big mirror for dance and theater




Non monetary donations for the space in Athens:
(please get in touch with us before donating any of the items)


- 2 - 3 laptops

- printer

- coffee machine

- furniture (big table, sofa, chairs etc.)

- music loud speakers

Our supporters

Our supporters

In order to maintain our projects sustainably, we rely on longterm partners and supporters. Thank you to everyone who considers supporting!

If you are interested in supporting us longterm or regularly or with a bigger amount, please contact us. We are grateful for every support!

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